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Kaori: Ryosuke.. what's your dream?

The Fifth Stage plot has many interesting side stories, such as Ryosuke's past love interest. We get a peek into his young self and what he wanted to do with his life. Details such as why he choose to follow his father's...

Shigeno's way of dealing with relationships

Initial D Third Stage is a chapter in which it shows character development, resolution and future. Natsuki redeemed herself and confronted Takumi. In return, Takumi also expressed his true feeling for her. Takumi has evolved...

What has Initial D taught you?

Initial D taught us many lessons of life. When Takumi pushed the 86 to its absolute limit and consequently blew the engine in Second Stage, Bunta told him it was impossible to fix it, it was just beyond repair. Takumi refused to...

The best couple in Initial D

There are very few successful relationships in Initial D. The only couple that is depicted as stable and decent has to be Tohru (Seven Star Leaf) and Nao. In Fourth Stage episode one, we've seen a very brief conversation...

AE86 Replica

Have you seen a 86 replica this clean? This is Takumi_Trueno (former administrator)'s AE86. He spent years of effort in perfecting it. I had the honor of riding in it. I did not scream like Itsuki did in Initial D First...

Initial D World Wiki Revival

Welcome to the Project W presented by Initial D World. This is our attempt to build a collaborative source of knowledge about all aspects of Initial D. Project W is a collaborative effort by Initial D World to create a...

Real Life Mt. Irohazaka

Remember the spectacular jump in Third Stage? Ken and Takumi went head to head in Mt. Irohazaka where slopes are steep and corners are sharp. It is an understatement to say Shigeno gets inspiration from real life mountain...

The Goddess Of Victory

Tomoyuki from Todo-Juku said to Takumi after their race: "If there is such a thing as a goddess of victory, you must have had something tonight that moved her." Takumi's "luck streak" continued well past...

Your favorite action scene from Fourth Stage?

Fourth Stage Episode 21: Pylon Pass - There is something about this scene that always gets one pumped up. It is hard to appreciate the fast action on a 2D format. Fourth Stage thew in a lot of slow motion and panning shots to...

Will Keisuke ever surpass Takumi?

Since Fourth Stage ended, there has been countless matches in Project D's expedition. Takumi and Keisuke had both mature in their techniques and skills. Keisuke has progress so much that Ryosuke admits Keisuke has surpassed...
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