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Would Initial D Be The Same Without The 86?

Someone once said this about Initial D, "Initial D wouldn't be the same without the AE86." He was definitely right. We started watching Initial D mostly because of the "Underdog Effect." It's more...

Real Life AE86 Irohazaka Downhill

Downhill at Irohazaka circa 2002. A mean piece of road made...

Double Ace - The Meaning Of D?

As the end of Project D is coming to an end, the meaning of the "D" is becoming more apparent. There had been numerous speculations on what the D in Project D stands for. Some say it stands for Double Ace as Takumi is...

Fujiwara's Mythical Wings

Initial D Fourth Stage the anime showed us for the first time how aura looks like. It's this strong and distinct glow someone emits from their body. Of course, that's just a representation of how strong the opponent is....

Initial D Fifth Stage CONFIRMED!! 11.9.2012

This just in!! We've confirmed just minutes ago the official release of Initial D Fifth Stage!!!! It will be aired on a pay-per-view basis on Perfect Choice TV (Animax HD) on November 9th, 2012. For more information, please refer to:

Stay tuned for more information by checking our forums!!

Details: After six years of impediment, the latest Initial D installment will be broadcast as the Pay-Per-View on Animax (Perfect Choice Premier) exclusively before the DVD release. The broadcast schedule will be different to that of Fourth Stage. It will air TWO episodes every month. For example, Fifth Stage Episode 1 - 2 will air on November 9th; Episode 3 - 4 will air in December and so on. Each viewing will be ¥840 ($10.69) for two episodes. The official theme song will be performed by the group M.O.V.E. ( )

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For latest updated information on Fifth Stage, be sure to follow our Fifth Stage official discussion thread:

Possible Initial D Fifth Stage Confirmation 8.6.12

Ladies and gentlemen, after more than six years of wait, Kodansha's Young Magazine has announced that a new anime series adaptation of Shuuichi Shigeno's Initial D - car-racing manga has been confirmed. Though, the format of the new anime series has not been revealed yet. It could be in the form of television anime, original video anime or some other format. We don't have those details yet. We will have to wait 'til August 6 when they release more details regarding this new anime series. As a die hard Initial D fans, this is possibly the most exciting Initial D news since the announcement of Fourth Stage back in late 2003. (Source: Comic Natalie -

Update (8/2/12):
- m.o.v.e. will perform the opening and ending themes.
- series will air in November on Animax PPV.

Initial D Manga Vol. 45 Released!

Initial D Manga Vol 45 was released in Japan today. (Jun 6th, 2012) The entire volume is still centered on the battle between Keisuke (FD3S) and Go Hojo (NSX). Spanning three entire books, this is by far the longest standing...

Returning to the Root

Do you still remember the first time when you were introduced to Initial D? For me it was the summer of 1999 when a cousin of mine introduced the series to me. At that time, First Stage was not completely released yet and we had...

Links Section and Forum Awards

Links section was updated. I've removed a few dead links and added a new link exchange for Colin Morgan Fan, check them out if you are a fan!

We are running a forum awards currently, vote now if you haven't already! As of this posting, there is barely one day left to vote!

Does Iketani really have no regrets?

From Initial D Extra Stage II (2008), we learned that Mako got accepted into this one-year professional racing program sponsored by a company who will publish her experience on a magazine. Facing with dilemma of whether to tell...
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