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We have a new addition to the site, everyone ! Introducing It is an online radio station which uses SHOUTcast as its broadcast program. The radio station will play at least 12 hours of Initial D / Eurobeat music every day from 4:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM PST. The rest of the time will be devoted for DJ hosting. There will be music requesting and shoutouts depending on the DJ. This is the current DJ Schedule / Hours / Playlist.

To tune into the radio, simply click this link - http;// You will need software like Winamp, Itunes, VLC Player.. etc to stream the content. The radio station currently stream at 96kbps, 44,100Hz in Stereo. We recommend having at least a DSL connection before tuning in, for smooth streaming. Tune in to listen to the Initial D World Radio Broadcast today. Remember to give us your feedback on our forums - and spread the words out. =)

MP3 section updated and various news

MP3 Section updated. As promised, the album Initial D Non-Stop Mix from KEISUKE-selection has been uploaded. Total number of downloadable MP3s is now 204. The next update will include more Initial D albums and possibly the Battle Stage II trailer video.

A new Initial D album called Initial D Fourth Stage Non-Stop Mega Mix with Battle Digest was released on February 28th, 2007. The album consists of two CDs and a DVD. The DVD features a 8-minute-long Battle Stage II trailer. According to the trailer, Initial D Battle Stage II will be coming out in May 2007. Like Initial D Battle Stage, Battle Stage II will features all race scenes from Initial D Fourth Stage, including the battle with Keisuke Takahashi (FD3S) vs. Atsorou Kawai (ER34) and the battle with Keisuke Takahashi (FD3S) vs. Sakai (DC2). Keisuke fans, make sure you don't miss this one. To preview the trailer, please visit here. To order the Battle Digest album, visit this link -

On the other hand, Initial D Arcade Stage 4 has finally made its debut in Japan last month, more detailed updates will be delivered by in the near future. For the meantime, you may visit this topic for daily updates on Initial D Arcade Stage 4.

More albums on their way

More Initial D CD albums have been released recently. On January 31st, 2007, two albums were released. They are Initial D Non-Stop Mix from TAKUMI-selection and Initial D Non-Stop Mix from KEISUKE-selection. I've uploaded the first one, available for sampling in MP3 Section. Total number of downloadable MP3s is now 185. The next update will contain the KEISUKE-selection downloads, so check back later. : )
If you like the music, I strongly urge you to buy the albums. The songs here are simply for sampling purpose. To support the music creator and this site (This site gets 12% commission when you use the referral links to buy the albums), please use these two links to buy the albums mentioned above: Initial D Non-Stop Mix from TAKUMI-selection | Initial D Non-Stop Mix from KEISUKE-selection.

New way to update

First of all, I apologize for not updating in such a long time. I've been very busy with school work and such, and just have no time with the website. Anyhow, from now on you may comment on the updates. Simply click on the comments link on the bottom right hand corner of this update. You must register as a forums member before commenting. The entry you are reading right now is fed directly from the forums. Expect to see more updates from now on because updating is as easy as making a new topic. MP3 Section has been updated. Several new albums have been added and uploaded. Albums uploaded: Vocal Battle, Sound Files Vol.1 and Second Stage D Selection 1. Albums added: Fourth Stage Sound Files, Fouth Stage Sound Files 2 and Fourth Stage D Non-Stop Selection. Total number of MP3s: 165. If you are wondering about the old 2006 updates, they've been archived here along with the other older updates.
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