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Happy New Year 2020

As the 𝐃ecade is coming to an end, a new one is right around the corner. Have you been following your 𝐃ream in the past 10 years? What were some of the problems that you had to overcome in order to achieve that?...

Initial D Live Action Movie 2 Trailer

Breaking News! Avex has released an exclusive trailer on Initial D Live Action Movie 2. We've been waiting for this for over a decade. The trailer shows one of the battles in Fourth Stage, specifically the R34 vs FD...

(Repost) Returning to the Root

Do you still remember the first time when you were introduced to Initial D? For me it was the summer of 1999 when a cousin of mine introduced the series to me. At that time, First Stage was not completely released yet and we had...

Throwback: AE86 Festival 2014

(Throwback) The AE86 just look beautiful in any lights. If it wasn't for Initial D, this car would not be as well-known as it is today. Some have developed a strong feeling with the car after watching Initial D. And it's...

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018

The 東京オートサロン2018 (Tokyo Auto Salon) is in full swing. Started yesterday (12th), the annual auto show takes place in Makuhari Messe, Chiba City for Performance and custom...

Karuizawa Station Anime vs Real Life

There are always new things to discover and explore when it comes to Initial D. Re-watching episode 16 from First Stage, it shows Iketani goes on a date with Mako for the first time. Kenji, Itsuki and Takumi decided to follow...

MF Ghost Vol. 1

Since the end of Initial D in July 2013, author しげの 秀一 (Shuichi Shigeno) has taken a well-deserved break. In 2014 he started a short series called 高嶺の花 (Amazing...

Surprise Initial D Wedding Proposal

One year ago today, a Japanese Initial D fan proposed to his girlfriend in front of Takumi's AE86 on Mt. Haruna. It was the perfect moment, all witnessed by those who love them.

She said yes.

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Mako & Sayuki Cosplay

「もう、サンダルなんか履かない」"I won't wear heels anymore..." Mako said to herself with pain before leaving the...

Happy New Year 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 !!! Celebrate with us in our Discord channel today:

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