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A Call For Help From The Community

Greetings Initial D World! More videos and images of the meet are being shared across social platforms. Please check the post below this for the full coverage of the event.

We are in need of your help. While going...

Initial D World 3rd Annual Meet 2016.01.24

On the morning of January 24th, 2016, we hosted a third annual meet in Lafayette Reservoir, California. This event follows the same theme as the previous "Reunion Meet" gathering. Though this time, it was more of a...

Happy New Year 2016!!

It's already 2016 in some part of the world right now.
We would like wish everyone a great start in the year 2016 !!

| Credits |
Happy New Year 2016 Vector...

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

The season is upon us. We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. Warmest Greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year to all from Initial D World.

| Editor's Note |
First of all, sorry for the long 2015 hiatus....

New Initial D The Movie Legend 2 Promo Video

As you are probably aware, the second movie in the Initial D Legend series will be coming out on 5.23. This time, the plot will focus on the NightKids arc from First Stage. We are excited to see the R32 vs AE86 re-animated in...

AUTOart AE86 (Project D vs Legend 1)

When it comes to lifelike scaled car models, AUTOart has no competition. That's why their 1:18 scale Project D version AE86 has been such a hot item. ( We made a post about it back in late 2013 - ...

Mistakes in Initial D

How many times does one have to re-watch Initial D to catch glitch like this? Share the mistakes you find in Initial D with us!

We whip up a quick meme for you to enjoy. Feel free to come up with your own. Have...

AE86 vs R32, is it really possible..?

I am sure we all remember how Takumi beats Nakazato with his superhuman footwork and fearless move over the curb in First Stage episode 10. One has to wonder, is it really possible..?

One Initial D fan sets out to find...

Initial D Premium Blu-ray BOX Pit3

Your dream has come true. They are bringing Blu-ray to Initial D Fifth Stage and Final Stage. They are calling this the "Initial D Premium Blu-ray BOX Pit3" which is slated for release on 2015/03/20. You can pre-order...

Why create the Legend trilogy?

Some of the fans questioned what really is the point of remaking First Stage again in the form of a trilogy movie format. I am not trying to place the spotlight on them. It is a legitimate question.

They recast all...
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