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LEGO Ideas: Initial D

Greetings Initial D fans. Do you like LEGO? If you do, read on!

Denil Oh, an Initial D fans from Malaysia created this LEGOset and put it up on LEGO Ideas to celebrate Initial D's 20th anniversary next year....

Drift Spirits (Mobile Game)

With the help of the hype surrounding the new Initial D movie, Bandai Namco recently released the Android version of their popular mobile game ドリフトスピリッツ (Drift...

Initial D Legend 2 -Battle Run- News

The general consensus that we gather of the Legend 1 movie is positive overall. The only complaint that the fans have is the movie runtime being too short (60 minutes with 20 minutes behind-the-scene footage, making the actual...

Initial D Legend 1 -Awakening- Premiere

Did you go to the Initial D Legend 1 -Awakening- movie premiere yesterday? Here's a few things we heard according to some fans that went on the release date.

The movie is only 62 minutes long. The last 20 minutes are...

Initial D Second Stage Reboot

Initial D Second Stage reboot, confirmed!


Wait... What just happened...?

| Editor's Note |
From time to time, we stumble upon some really weird Initial D stuff. This is just one of them. But...

More photos of Initial D 86 Super Summer Festival

More quality photos of the Initial D Super Summer Festival in Daiba have surfaced the Internet in the last 24 hours. As promised, we search high and low to bring you these quality images of the event. Check out the links below...

Initial D Official Guidebook: Challenge Chronicle

On 8/6 Day, 講談社 (Kodansha) published a 216-page book called「頭文字Dの軌跡 挑戦の記」"Initial D Official Guidebook: The Path of...

86 "Super" Summer Festival Photos

The Initial D Movie Legend 1 - 86 Super Summer Festival successfully wrapped up. It had a very impressive turnout. Photos from fans are literally pouring out on Japanese blogs. We've highlighted some good ones for you guys....

頭文字D 86 "Super" Summer Festival

The hype surrounding the new Initial D movie is turning white-hot as we get closer to the release date. (8.23) MEGAWEB, a theme park based on cars that's located in the heart...

Live Action Tribute - UK Stage EP.3

Some of you are already familiar with this fan-made series called Initial D Live Action Tribute: UK Stage. Recently, they released the third episode of the ongoing series that's inspired by Initial D. This episode took over...
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