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Initial D Reminisce

Summer is almost here. One can't help but reminiscing about the beginning of Initial D. The story began roughly at the same time of the year as it is right now. One day, the Akagi RedSuns challenge the Akina Speedstars for a...

Happy New Year 2017

We would like to wish everyone a great start in the year 2017 !!

| Credits |
Happy New Year 2017 3D Vector | ...

| Source |
頭文字D画集(Young Magazine Special Edition) page 206~207

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AE86 Tofu Shop Model

A model car enthusiast goes by the name of qingcheqifan (清澈启凡) has recreated tofu shop storefront in miniature scale, complete with the Project.D AE86. This is honestly the coolest thing...

Initial D Art Style 1998 vs 2016

Have you had a chance to check out the Initial D Legend 3 movie? For those of you who've seen the final installment of the trilogy, be honest, how do you like it? Did you like the new graphics? How about the new character...

Initial D First Stage Trivia

Remember that scene from First Stage when Bunta used a full tank of gas as incentve for Takumi to race Redsun's Keisuke? It's such a big deal for Takumi that he got all serious considering it. (laughs)

Base on the...

Initial D Mako Figurine

Do you collect figurines? How about figurines base on characters from Initial D? We stumbled upon this Mako figurine while checking for new Initial D merchandise. Apparently, this is a promo product for Initial D Legend 3. Yup,...

Initial D New Movie Legend 3 Raw Available

新劇場版「頭文字D」Legend 3《夢現》Initial D New Movie Legend 3 "Dream" is now available in raw. Check out the links in the discussion...

Tunnel Nuketara Sky*Blue

Wait, is that.. Bunta?! Have our wishes been granted? Is this the Initial D Prequel?! Unfortunately, that is not the case. You are looking at one of Shigeno-san's previous...

Initial D 86 Tribute "Night Drive"

Greetings, Initial D World.

Our co-admin Takumi Trueno has made a video dedicated to 86 from Initial D. For many years, Alex always wanted to...

Initial D Live Stage Photoshoot 2016.03.19

So after the huge success of the 3rd Annual Meet, we are still planning for the next one because we definitely can't be hosting it in the same location. Meanwhile, Alex and I decided to meet up for a photoshoot session. On...
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