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It is a known fact that there are many real life replicas from Initial D in Japan. It begs the question, how many do we have here in North America? Well for starter, we have Takumi Trueno's AE86 and Gabriel's FC3S. This...

Manga Vol.44

Initial D Manga Volume 44 was just released in Japan on January 6th, 2012. This entire volume is centered around the battle between Project D's Keisuke (FD3S) and Sidewinder's Go Hojo (NSX-S Zero) and the enjoyment of racing.
To buy the latest volume in Japanese, please visit this link: YesAsia
If you want to get a preview of the new volume, we also have the scans available. [しげの秀一] 頭文字D 第44巻 (64.55MB) (Right Click And Save As)

Initial D Manga Volume 44

Initial D Manga Vol.44 was released in Japan on January 6th, 2012. This is the latest volume for the series. This entire volume is centered around the battle between Keisuke (FD3S) and Go Hojo (NSX). This volume marks the 17th...

Shinn's Motivation

From the latest manga release, Project D is about to come to an end. The last race is highly anticipated with Shinn's AE86 vs Takumi's AE86. Shinn reminds me of the Takumi from the first few episodes of First Stage. He...

Initial M?

Motorcycles are rarely mentioned in Initial D. The most prominent mention had to be Kai Kogashiwa. In the series, it was mentioned that Kai's the fastest motorcyclist on Mt. Irohazaka before he transitioned to street racing...

The Future Prospect of Project D

From the ending of Third Stage 'til the latest manga release, the timeline in the story world has elapsed almost one year. Takumi revealed to us that he wanted to be faster than the fastest out there. That was his main...

To be fast, you have to imagine you are.

From the latest manga release Ch.645, we are led to believe that the ultimate key in victory hinges on the mind. Initial D has not explore too much on the psychological effects that a driver has on the actual result of a race....

Takumi got pulled over by police?

Initial D has undoubtedly fascinated millions of young people with its realism and heart-pounding actions. How does this enthusiasm translate into real life, you ask? How about making replicas that look exactly like the ones in...

Real Life Fujiwara Tofu Shop

Much of Initial D's realism is in part due to depiction of actual locations in the series as previously mentioned. The famous "Fujiwara Tofu Shop" (藤原とうふ店) was an actual...

D for Delightful?

Before Takumi made his decision to join the Project D team, he wanted to race Ryosuke on his home course Mt. Akagi. The point wasn't to win or to prove something. It was simply a run to go as fast as he could. Perhaps he had...
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