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The power of the Fujiwara tofu sticker

This is a fun update. kou yuuzhen, one of the very few female members on our forums randomly found this "replica" in some back alley in Malaysia....

Tofu Delivery Route

Starting at the age of 13, Takumi had to wake up at 3:45am every day to make the tofu delivery for his father's business. A forum user by the name of "..." has done some interesting and detailed analysis regarding said tofu delivery route.

In the manga, it is said that Takumi lives in "City S," which is conveniently located near "Mt. Akina." In real life, that is Shibukawa in Gunma Prefecture. Assuming Takumi lives in point B and delivers the fresh tofu to the hotels near Lake Akina (point A) The round trip is about 40 kilometers (~25 miles) Let say Bunta and Takumi used the 86 to deliver tofu every day for 15 years, that's 219,000 km (~136,000 miles !!)

Why 15 years you ask? Because the 86 came out in year 1983 and the story time in First Stage is around 1998, hence 15 years. So what does these all mean? Remember Takumi said he always try to rush home to catch one more hour of sleep before waking up again for school? Well, he floors it all the way down when he drives down the mountain pass. It is a miracle that the 86 only needed one engine change after all these years. (And that's after Takumi went mad and lost his senses in Second Stage after seeing Natsuki with "Papa.") Bunta must take very good care of the 86 all these years. 'html/emoticons/smile.gif'

To see the tofu delivery route on Google Map, please click here:

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Fifth Stage ED theme Flyleaf performed by CLUTCHO

By now we all know that the opening theme of Fifth Stage is "Raise Up" and will be performed by m.o.v.e, but what about the ending theme? Perfect Choice announced yesterday about the ending theme for Fifth Stage. It is...

86 and the Fujiwara Tofu Shop

Since Project D started its expedition, Takumi seldom goes home, let alone making the tofu delivery. So this task is left to Bunta once again. It makes one wonder though, how come Bunta is not putting the famous "Fujiwara...

Ryousuke's Monologue --- A foreshadowing?

At the very end of Fourth Stage when Takumi had the opportunity to sit in the passenger seat of God Arm's S2000. Ryousuke had the following monologue.. "D's battles will continue... burn the image of it into your...

Takumi's Mother?

There is this age-old question that has come up at least once in every Initial D fans' mind --- Where is Takumi's mother?? It was never mentioned in the entire anime series except for the one-line mention from Takumi in...

A brief history of Shuichi Shigeno

We all love Initial D. So today we are going to learn more about the author. His name is Shuichi Shigeno (しげの秀一). Born on March 8, 1958 in Tokamachi Niigata. Shigeno-san is currently 54 years...

Takumi and Akina SpeedStars

It was never clear whether or not Takumi is part of Akina Speedstars. In Initial D First Stage, Takumi did represent Speedstars to battle challengers on numerous occasions though. Regardless, Takumi will always find comfort in...

Initial D Fifth Stage DVD Trailer

With initial air date of 5th Stage Episode 1 (November 4th) entering its 3-week countdown, more information are being released and surfaced. We've learned that Fifth Stage DVD Vol.1 (contains Episode 1 & 2) will be released on January 11th, 2013 for 4,507 (~$57.70) You can pre-order it on now. However, it is only available for Japan. We'll keep you posted when other venues for ordering Fifth Stage become available.

For now, enjoy this 30-second DVD trailer that has surfaced!

Initial D Fifth Stage Trailer

We've just received more updated news on Initial D Fifth Stage. (So new that even the Official Site doesn't have it yet.) Fifth Stage DVD Vol.1, which contains Episode 1 and 2 will be available on on...
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