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Initial D Fourth Stage
Non-Stop Mega Mix

Initial D Fourth Stage Non-Stop Mega Mix with Battle Digest

Initial D Fourth Stage
SuperEuro-Best (Japan Version)

Initial D Fourth Stage SuperEuro-Best

Initial D Fourth Stage
Vol.12 DVD (Japan Version)

Initial D Fourth Stage Vol.12 (Japan Version)

Initial D Fourth Stage
Vol.11 DVD (Japan Version)

Initial D Fourth Stage Vol.11 (Japan Version)

Initial D Fourth Stage
Vol.10 DVD (Japan Version)

Initial D Fourth Stage Vol.10 (Japan Version)

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Welcome to Initial D World !
Welcome to my homepage Initial D World. This website is about a Japanese anime and manga called 'Initial D'. The anime uses high quality 3DCG and 2D Cel style, and the songs in the anime are excellent. Here you will find lots of Initial D MP3s, CG pictures, Winamp Skins, Movie clips, Real Audio sound files, rescource of Drift Techniques, and more ...

Brief story : Initial D is an anime about a 18 years old boy Takumi Fujiwara, who helps his father Bunta Fujiwara deliver tofu from their home to a hotel near Lake Akina, passing Mt. Akina on the way everyday. Takumi Fujiwara started driving since he was 13 years old. His driving skill is very good, especially in drifting. The story begins when the racing team Redsuns comes to Akina, and challenges the local racing team SpeedStars for a race. Everybody expected SpeedStars to lose in this race. During the practice night, a mysterious AE86 shows up and defeated Redsun's RX-7 FD and ...

What's New ?!

Initial D Fifth Stage DVDs & CDs Pre-Order
January 4th, 2013

頭文字D Fifth Stage Trailer, DVDs, CDs Promos. Pre-Order Start Now!!

» Initial D Fifth Stage DVD Vol.1 on sale starting on 2013.1.11
-- Link to order:

» Initial D Fifth Stage DVD Vol.2 on sale starting on 2013.2.8
-- Link to order:

» Initial D Fifth Stage DVD Vol.3 on sale starting on 2013.3.8
-- Link to order:

» SUPER EUROBEAT presents Initial D Fifth Stage D SELECTION on sale starting on 2013.2.8
-- Link to order:

» SUPER EUROBEAT presents Initial D Fifth Stage NON-STOP D SELECTION on sale starting on 2013.3.8
-- Link to order:

» Initial D Fifth Stage SOUND FILE on sale starting on 2013.3.8
-- Link to order:

» Best moves. ~and move goes on~ on sale starting on 2013.2.27 (The last album for m.o.v.e)
-- Link to order:

» CLUTCHO Single - Flyleaf (CD+DVD) on sale starting on 2013.1.16
-- Link to order:


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Initial D Fifth Stage ACT.2 Subbed
November 10th, 2012

Since no fansubs group has come forward to sub Episode 2, we at Initial D World needed to do something for the fans. So we came out with our own subtitles for Episode 2. These are translated from Chinese translation, so the accuracy might suffer a little. These are English subtitle embedded as Close Captioning on YouTube. Make sure the CC icon is on to view the subtitle. One of our members on the forums also converted it to srt format that's available for download in the Official Ep. 1&2 Thread, it's useful when you have the RAW file on your computer and don't want to watch it on YouTube. Anyways, enjoy!!

Posted by Perry04:25pm | Comments (10)

Initial D Fifth Stage Ep 2 RAW
November 9th, 2012

The RAW for Fifth Stage Episode 2 just surfaced an hour ago. We have provided the link for direct download on the forums. Please click here to visit the thread: This is a LQ 360p RAW for those of you who wants to know before downloading.

Posted by Perry10:51am | Comments (6)

Initial D Fifth Stage ACT.1 Subbed
November 7th, 2012

Well, apparently the preview on the 4th was actually broadcasted as HD (720p) and the RAW of that finally surfaced today. SAGE Fansubs has released their subs yesterday. We here on IDW were able to convert that subtitle to YouTube closed captioning. You can now stream the first episode in HD quality with English subtitle. Just be sure to turn on the CC symbol and watch it at 720p!! We are all very excited here as you can see. Without further ado, here's the video. =)

Posted by Perry12:07am | Comments (5)

Initial D Fifth Stage Ep 1 RAW
November 4th, 2012

We are very excited over here. The RAW for Fifth Stage Episode 1 just hit the net couple hours ago. We have provided the link for direct download on the forums. Please click here to visit the thread: This is a LQ 360p RAW for those of you who wants to know before downloading. This is not the 720p HQ that the Pay Per View will be broadcasted as on November 9th. For your convenience, we have also uploaded it on YouTube so you can stream it.

Posted by Perry10:24am | Comments (9)

Initial D Fifth Stage DVD Trailer
October 13th, 2012

With initial air date of 5th Stage Episode 1 (November 4th) entering its 3-week countdown, more information are being released and surfaced. We've learned that Fifth Stage DVD Vol.1 (contains Episode 1 & 2) will be released on January 11th, 2013 for ¥4,507 (~$57.70) You can pre-order it on now. However, it is only available for Japan. We'll keep you posted when other venues for ordering Fifth Stage become available.

For now, enjoy this 30-second DVD trailer that has surfaced!

Posted by Perry02:20pm | Comments (1)

Fifth Stage air date moved to November 4th, 2012
September 6th, 2012

Young Magazine has just announced that Fifth Stage's air date for Episode 1 will be moving forward to November 4th, 2012 instead of the 9th. This is a great news!! The wait is even shorter now! As of right now, our timer shows that only 57 days left until November 4th, 2012.

Join us on our forums to count down with us!

News source: @manganewsjapon

user posted image

Posted by Perry08:16pm | Comments (2)

Initial D Fifth Stage CONFIRMED!! 11.9.2012
August 5th, 2012

This just in!! We've confirmed just minutes ago the official release of Initial D Fifth Stage!!!! It will be aired on a pay-per-view basis on Perfect Choice TV (Animax HD) on November 9th, 2012. For more information, please refer to:

Stay tuned for more information by checking our forums!!

Details: After six years of impediment, the latest Initial D installment will be broadcast as the Pay-Per-View on Animax (Perfect Choice Premier) exclusively before the DVD release. The broadcast schedule will be different to that of Fourth Stage. It will air TWO episodes every month. For example, Fifth Stage Episode 1 - 2 will air on November 9th; Episode 3 - 4 will air in December and so on. Each viewing will be ¥840 ($10.69) for two episodes. The official theme song will be performed by the group M.O.V.E. ( )

user posted image
Image size reduced, original size: 780 x 457. Click here to view the image in its original dimension.

For latest updated information on Fifth Stage, be sure to follow our Fifth Stage official discussion thread:

Posted by Perry08:25pm | Comments (37)

Possible Initial D Fifth Stage Confirmation 8.6.12
July 30th, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, after more than six years of wait, Kodansha's Young Magazine has announced that a new anime series adaptation of Shuuichi Shigeno's Initial D - car-racing manga has been confirmed. Though, the format of the new anime series has not been revealed yet. It could be in the form of television anime, original video anime or some other format. We don't have those details yet. We will have to wait 'til August 6 when they release more details regarding this new anime series. As a die hard Initial D fans, this is possibly the most exciting Initial D news since the announcement of Fourth Stage back in late 2003. (Source: Comic Natalie -

Update (8/2/12):
- m.o.v.e. will perform the opening and ending themes.
- series will air in November on Animax PPV.

Posted by Perry12:40am | Comments (61)

Links Section and Forum Awards
May 14th, 2012

Links section was updated. I've removed a few dead links and added a new link exchange for Colin Morgan Fan, check them out if you are a fan!

We are running a forum awards currently, vote now if you haven't already! As of this posting, there is barely one day left to vote!

Posted by Perry10:56pm | Comments (1)

Manga Vol.44
January 11th, 2012

Initial D Manga Volume 44 was just released in Japan on January 6th, 2012. This entire volume is centered around the battle between Project D's Keisuke (FD3S) and Sidewinder's Go Hojo (NSX-S Zero) and the enjoyment of racing.
To buy the latest volume in Japanese, please visit this link: YesAsia
If you want to get a preview of the new volume, we also have the scans available. [しげの秀一] 頭文字D 第44巻 (64.55MB) (Right Click And Save As)

Posted by Perry02:46am | Comments (0)

Speculations of Fifth Stage and Facebook Page
September 1st, 2011

Greetings, Initial D fans. It's been three years since this page has gotten any updates. I thought I would bring this back again to hopefully get some of you interest in Initial D again. For starter, we will speculate about Fifth Stage here: Initial D Fourth Stage covered 15 volumes (vol.17~31) in manga and it ended airing back in 2006. Five years later, we are up to vol.43. In theory, the Fifth Stage anime production team now has 12 volumes of story to work with. This is close to the amount of storyline in Fourth Stage.
At the rate of six month per volume, we will have all 15 volumes (vol.32~46) by the end of 2012. That puts the announcement of Fifth Stage somewhere in the beginning of 2013 as a conservative estimate. Whether or not they will announce something new between now and then to keep the fans waiting is yet to be seen.
We've created a Facebook fanpage for the site. To get more Initial D latest development news, be sure to Like Us and follow our fanpage!

Posted by Perry08:49pm | Comments (0)

Initial D Extra Stage 2 (2008.10.3)
September 1st, 2008

Initial D Extra Stage 2It's been quite awhile since there are any news for Initial D anime. Recently, AVEX has confirmed a new installment for the Initial D anime series that marks the 10th anniversary for the franchise. The new side story is called Initial D Extra Stage 2: Tabidachi no Green. It is set to air on SkyPerfectTV in October and the DVD set will come out on December 5th. Pre-order of the set is not available yet. A BOX set will also be released on the same day. The Extra Stage BOX set contains the first Initial D Extra Stage and the new Extra Stage 2. For more information, please refer to the Official Site. There is a short clip on the Official Site showing some of the new content from Initial D Extra Stage 2.
At the moment, it is uncertain whether or not Extra Stage 2 will continue from where Extra Stage left off previously or if it's going to be a completely different side story that has nothing to do with the main plot. Judging from the screenshots and the short clip from the Official Site, there is at least one battle and it will be between the Impact Blue Sil-80 and a dark Altezza RS200. Extra Stage 2 will have much better graphics than the first Extra Stage and we will see some familiar faces. (Hint: Iketani-senpai, Takumi.. etc.)

user posted image

Posted by Perry08:40pm | Comments (40)

MP3 Section Minor Update
September 14th, 2007

MP3 Section has been updated. One new album and one m.o.v.e album have been added. As promised, Super Eurobeat presents Initial D Battle Stage 2 has been uploaded. Special thanks to Lebon14, one of our loyal forums member for uploading this album. The other album added is Worlds of the Mind by m.o.v.e, Enjoy the new songs !! Total number of MP3s: 248. Total number of albums: 24.

Posted by Perry08:20pm | Comments (0)

Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D Battle Stage 2
August 21st, 2007

A new Initial D music album is going to be released soon. The album is called Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D Battle Stage 2, on sale by September 5th, 2007. This new album consists of two CDs, with 12 tracks on each. The tracks are all from Initial D Battle Stage 2. If you liked the music from Battle Stage 2, make sure you don't miss out on this. We'll be providing some samples for download when it is out.
Due to popular demand, m.o.v.e's debut album electrock has been re-uploaded. I strongly urge you to purchase this album if you a m.o.v.e fan or just like the 90s' JPop culture. The album itself is 10 years old but it sure doesn't sound like it. Famous tracks like around the world, Rage your dream are also included in this album.
MP3 Section updated. Total number of downloadable MP3s is now 215.

Posted by Perry05:11am | Comments (0)

Initial D Battle Stage 2 and Manga Vol.35
June 7th, 2007

I am really pleased to see how smooth the radio station is running. If you haven't already check out our radio broadcast, I strongly suggest you take a quick look at it.

Aside from that, Initial D Battle Stage 2 was finally released in DVD format on May 29th, 2007. Thanks to AE86Takumi, one of our members on the forums, for uploading a sample video of Battle Stage 2. Click here to download it. We strongly encourage you to purchase it using one of our affiliate links ( YesAsia | Play-Asia ) if you like what you see. Doing so will help out our server cost and support the original author of the work at the same time. But if you don't feel like downloading the whole video, we've also uploaded the 8-minute-long trailer video which can be found from the Initial D Fourth Stage Non-Stop Mega Mix with Battle Digest DVD for you to sample. Simply click here to download it.

Initial D Manga Volume 35 Front CoverGreat news for the fans who are following the manga series. Volume 35 was just released last month on the 19th, the Chinese version was released three days ago in Hong Kong. BiBi, one of our forums members, was kindly enough to provide us with some of the high resolution scans of Vol.35 in Chinese (High Quality - 27MB | Medium Quality - 15MB). However, there are still no English scanlations available at this stage. If you want to keep yourself updated on the English subtitled version of Vol.35, I advise you to keep checking our forums as most of the Initial D news are being released there first hand.

And yes, there will be a new Initial D album coming and to be released on June 27th, 2007. It is the Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Original Soundtrack. You may pre-order it using one of our affiliate links. ( YesAsia | Play-Asia ) Song listing for this album will be provided in the next update. That's all the Initial D news for now. And I apologize for lack of update during the past few weeks, I am quite busy as of late. Hopefully I can devour more time on the site in the upcoming summer. Thanks for all of your support.

Posted by Perry08:33pm | Comments (2)

Official launch of
April 16th, 2007

We have a new addition to the site, everyone ! Introducing It is an online radio station which uses SHOUTcast as its broadcast program. The radio station will play at least 12 hours of Initial D / Eurobeat music every day from 4:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM PST. The rest of the time will be devoted for DJ hosting. There will be music requesting and shoutouts depending on the DJ. This is the current DJ Schedule / Hours / Playlist.

To tune into the radio, simply click this link - http;// You will need software like Winamp, Itunes, VLC Player.. etc to stream the content. The radio station currently stream at 96kbps, 44,100Hz in Stereo. We recommend having at least a DSL connection before tuning in, for smooth streaming. Tune in to listen to the Initial D World Radio Broadcast today. Remember to give us your feedback on our forums - and spread the words out. =)

Posted by Perry02:00am | Comments (18)

MP3 section updated and various news
March 10th, 2007

MP3 Section updated. As promised, the album Initial D Non-Stop Mix from KEISUKE-selection has been uploaded. Total number of downloadable MP3s is now 204. The next update will include more Initial D albums and possibly the Battle Stage II trailer video.

A new Initial D album called Initial D Fourth Stage Non-Stop Mega Mix with Battle Digest was released on February 28th, 2007. The album consists of two CDs and a DVD. The DVD features a 8-minute-long Battle Stage II trailer. According to the trailer, Initial D Battle Stage II will be coming out in May 2007. Like Initial D Battle Stage, Battle Stage II will features all race scenes from Initial D Fourth Stage, including the battle with Keisuke Takahashi (FD3S) vs. Atsorou Kawai (ER34) and the battle with Keisuke Takahashi (FD3S) vs. Sakai (DC2). Keisuke fans, make sure you don't miss this one. To preview the trailer, please visit here. To order the Battle Digest album, visit this link -

On the other hand, Initial D Arcade Stage 4 has finally made its debut in Japan last month, more detailed updates will be delivered by in the near future. For the meantime, you may visit this topic for daily updates on Initial D Arcade Stage 4.

Posted by Perry07:34pm | Comments (0)

More albums on their way
March 4th, 2007

More Initial D CD albums have been released recently. On January 31st, 2007, two albums were released. They are Initial D Non-Stop Mix from TAKUMI-selection and Initial D Non-Stop Mix from KEISUKE-selection. I've uploaded the first one, available for sampling in MP3 Section. Total number of downloadable MP3s is now 185. The next update will contain the KEISUKE-selection downloads, so check back later. : )
If you like the music, I strongly urge you to buy the albums. The songs here are simply for sampling purpose. To support the music creator and this site (This site gets 12% commission when you use the referral links to buy the albums), please use these two links to buy the albums mentioned above: Initial D Non-Stop Mix from TAKUMI-selection | Initial D Non-Stop Mix from KEISUKE-selection.

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New way to update
March 1st, 2007

First of all, I apologize for not updating in such a long time. I've been very busy with school work and such, and just have no time with the website. Anyhow, from now on you may comment on the updates. Simply click on the comments link on the bottom right hand corner of this update. You must register as a forums member before commenting. The entry you are reading right now is fed directly from the forums. Expect to see more updates from now on because updating is as easy as making a new topic. MP3 Section has been updated. Several new albums have been added and uploaded. Albums uploaded: Vocal Battle, Sound Files Vol.1 and Second Stage D Selection 1. Albums added: Fourth Stage Sound Files, Fouth Stage Sound Files 2 and Fourth Stage D Non-Stop Selection. Total number of MP3s: 165. If you are wondering about the old 2006 updates, they've been archived here along with the other older updates.

Posted by Perry12:38am | Comments (3)

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