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Initial D Screen Savers
Instruction: To download the files below, simply left click on the links. After the download, unzip the file, there will be 3 files inside. Right-Click on the file with the extension of *.scr and select Install.
WARNING: If you are using any OS other than Windows 95/98, it's not recommended to install these screen savers.

  Initial D Screen Saver 1          size: 1.68 MB
  Initial D Screen Saver 2          size: 149 KB

Initial D Icons
Description: The zip file contains 29 *.ico files which are all 32x32 in dimension. Good for AIM buddy icon.

4 Click here to download

Initial D PocketPC Theme

Theme Name: Initial D
Author: ehor

4 Click here to download

Initial D Team Stickers
To save the logo below, left click on the link and the enlarged version will pop up in a new window.

AE86 Sticker (type 1)

Information : 500x66 (23.1KB, JPEG)

AE86 Sticker (type 2)

Information : 632x71 (5.49KB, GIF)

Akina SpeedStars

Information : 350x67 (3.22KB, GIF)

Akagi RedSuns

Information : 293x84 (3.27KB, GIF)

Myogi NightKids

Information : 325x100 (2.12KB, GIF)

Irohazaka Emperor

Information : 331x105 (3.12KB, GIF)

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