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Initial D Game

Author's Note: (July 17th, 2001)
         Both the Initial D Game and Project D are made purely for your enjoyment so please appreicate it. In case you are confused, the Initial D Game is full version but is not nearly as good as Project D. While Project D is much better than the Initial D Game but only a demo, I'm still making the full version right now!
         After you've tried the two games PLEASE do E-Mail me ( and give me a comment. If you find a bug in the Project D demo or have an idea on improving the game, please tell me through E-Mail. I'll give you credits for it :-) Also tell me your name, age etc. I want to know what kind of people are playing the game!

Important News From The Author: (July 19th, 2001)
         Project D has corrupted on my computer so 2 weeks of work has got to smoke... don't worry though. I'll be starting again as soon as I work out why the game has corrupted, this way it won't happen again. Its actually not that bad because now Project D will be better than ever, a new demo will be upload soon. For more info please E-Mail me at (, I could use really your support right now. Sorry, and I promise you all that I'll try my best to make this game as enjoyable as I can.

Webmaster's Note: According to Marcus L. Project D was re-named to Final D, and he promise it'll be much better than the old Initial D game. Marcus is working on the Final D. In the meantime, you may either download the Initial D game to give it a try or just visit the Final D website.

Title: Initial D Game (tentative)
License: Freeware
Size: 1022 KB

4 Click here to download

Any questions or opinions regarding the game are welcome, please E-Mail to Marcus Lam.
Please visit Final D's Homepage.

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