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21/07/2008 - We're back!

Finally, after many months of eurobeat.go2id being offline, we are back!

So, you're probably wondering what caused us to go down, and what has happened in the mean time. Well, let's start at the beginning:

The site was going along strongly for quite some time. Links were staying up for longer than expected, and whenever they were broken someone had taken the time to see to it that they were fixed. Things were sailing steady for a while until a certain release of Super Eurobeat got a few people in hot water. License holders of the music brought the hammer down on a few sources and news of this spread to us. While we are eurobeat.go2id weren't issued with any C&D letters, a very large chunk of our link database was shut down in the process.

Having most, if not all, of our links unavailable, the site was taken down to reduce more losses. A few plans were hatched to try and get everything back through other means but unfortunately nothing worked at the time as even single links were getting removed. It was decided shortly after that the site would be taken down and given a bit of a rest.

Now after stuff had some time to recover, things slowly because available to use again and the site was starting to take shape again. So finally here we are, back again. We're definately on the road to recovery, but please keep in mind that a lot of things are still unavailable. It will take time to get everything back to 100 percent, but hopefully not too long.

This is a good opportunity to thank everyone who is involved in the making of our site. The admins, the uploaders, and even the downloaders -- thankyou for your continued support!

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