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On this website, you will find links that lead to a number of audio files. These files are stored elsewhere on the Internet, NOT on our server, and are NOT officially part of this website - eurobeat.go2id does NOT carry ANY responsibilty for them, in terms of legal custody, file integrity, file availability, or otherwise.

You can use these files ONLY if you own the original recording of the file you have downloaded. In which case, you can use those files for your own personal backup purposes ONLY. If you DO NOT own the original recording, you are BREAKING copyright laws, and MUST delete the downloaded files within 24 HOURS of the original download. eurobeat.go2id does not, and will not, take ANY responsibily for your actions.

If you choose to continue and download ANY file from our website, you MUST accept the above disclaimer in all of its forms.

"I agree with the terms & conditions of the above disclaimer and wish to continue.

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