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eurobeat.go2id is a community effort to have the line of Super Eurobeat (SEB) albums uploaded to the public. It is known that these albums are somewhat rare and/or expensive to find outside of Japan, so this website has been put together to help those who love this genre of music as much as we do to get their Eurobeat fix!

You can find the download links for a number of different Eurobeat albums in our Downloads section. Note that the files are NOT uploaded on our own server, mostly due to the costs of having large amounts of bandwidth needed to service users in order to allow direct downloads. Instead, the files are uploaded to websites that cater for large online file storage, such as MegaUpload, which allow users to upload whatever material they see fit to their servers.

However, the files on those servers are often bound by a few rules; mainly that they are only available for download for a certain amount of time, or a certain amount of completed downloads. In most cases, the files are considered active on the servers if they are downladed constantly. This means as long as each file is downloaded often enough (the timeout period for each file is roughly 30 days without activity), the file will be available online for others to download too.

This means that if you are going to download from the links this website provides, make sure you spread the word around to your friends or in forums so that the downloads stay active, and everyone can get a chance to download them. eurobeat.go2id is a community effort, so it would be much appreciated if you could do the above so the uploaders that provide the files do not have to constantly reupload them. In short, the downloads are available as long as people continue to download them.

The uploaders of the files are all members of the Initial D World Forums. All of them have put countless hours into getting these files up for people to download. Make sure you visit the Super Eurobeat album sharing thread on the forums to give your thanks! They definately deserve it!

Thankyou for visiting eurobeat.go2id. We hope you have a good time with our Eurobeat collections!

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