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Overall length:  4310mm
Overall width:  1690mm
Overall height:  1270mm
Wheelbase:  2430mm
Tread front:  1450mm
Tread rear:  1440mm

Specs/Modifications : Stock internals, performance computer, boost setting 1.98 psi (13.7 kPa), twin-plate clutch, sports muffler.
Extras : 13BT Infini III (Lazy "8" Emblem in his rear car shown in manga) (215 hp or 149 kW), lighter rotors, higher compression ratio, engine management, Revised Turbo Manifold for Infini III, RS Watanabe rims, Fujita front spoiler.

Credit(s): Technical infomation are provided by Chidoki. ( chidokitofu [at] )


Mazda Savanna RX-7 FC3S

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