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Previous Updates

(December 20th, 2002)
MP3 Section updated. (Joy - Initial D Sound Files Vol.1)

(December 11th, 2002)
User Gallery Section Updated. Index image changed.

(December 9th, 2002)
One new mp3 added in MP3 Section. (Love and Money - Za-Za)
For those of you that are interested in high quality racing video, check out the new Best Motoring's DVD series Vol.6, don't miss it!

(November 28th, 2002)
User Gallery Section updated. 1 New wallpaper added.
Happy Thanksgiving's Day !

(November 20th, 2002)
Hadn't update in a while. Well, for the Robotech Banner Contest, we lost. For more information, please click here. I joined another contest, I hope you guys can help me click on the banner below, thank you! Also, User Gallery Section updated.

(November 2nd, 2002)
Discussion Board changed MySQL host.

(October 24th, 2002)
Two new wallpapers added in User Gallery Section. Also one new mp3 uploaded in MP3 Section. (Move - Electrock - See you my best love)

(October 19th, 2002)
User Gallery Section updated. One new wallpaper added. Please read the instructions if you want to submit your images.

(October 16th, 2002)
User Gallery Section is up. Feel free to rate the images. I will post details on how you can submit your art work later. Also, Drift Techniques section is updated.

(October 10th, 2002)
Drift Techniques section updated. I am going to put up a User Gallery Section soon. Details will be posted later.

(September 28th, 2002)
Updated Drift Techniques section. Credit goes to Travis Andrade for providing excellent information on drifting and racing. I am planning to make a new section called Article / Reviews Section. It'll all about drift, grip, racing ... etc. Travis will be the main editor/author for this section. Also, Uploaded Take me higher in MP3 Section (Electrock Album).

(September 27th, 2002)
The migration of the message board was a success! Also please visit my new sponsor at the bottom. Thanks!

(September 19th, 2002)
Due to the extremely slow of YaBB SE, I decided to change the forum to IBF (Invision Board). Members of YaBB SE please click here to fill in your username and password here in order to convert your YaBB SE account to IBF account.

(September 11th, 2002)
Uploaded 4 more songs in MP3 Section.
September 11th, We Remember.

(August 24th, 2002)
Hi everyone, I am back from vacation. So what's new? Well, is up, as well as the new YaBB SE forums. Please use the forums wisely, you can now attach any image files on the forums, no spam please, I appreciate your cooperation. Also, check out D-Station and Tomoe everyone. That's it for now!

(August 3rd, 2002)
Just putting the ezboard back temporary, because the domain is still not up, and it doesn't looks right for a site without a forums.

(August 2nd, 2002)
Thanks for everyone that encourage me not to shot down the site. So I get myself together and apply for a new host, and soon will be up again. Also, I finished the Character Section. I spent 2 days on that, and yet it's still somewhat under construction. Tell me what you think of it. =) Oh yea, I am going back to China this Saturday for 3 weeks. Hopefully I will have chance to get online in China to make some update. Any song request will be disregard during this period. (August 3rd ~ 22nd). Oh one more thing, Initial D World past its 2nd anniversary yesterday if you hadn't notice and 400k visitors reached!

(July 25th, 2002)
Bad News. The host I was using had cancelled my account because of extremely high bandwidth usage. I was shocked when I heard that. At this moment, I am thinking to shut down Initial D World.

(July 22nd, 2002)
Discussion Board back online.

(July 19th, 2002)
Nothing really updated. MP3 Section is back. That's about it. Regarding the Discussion Board, well I am sorry, but got hacked recently. >_< All files including backup copy are gone, including the messages in the board of course. I am working very hard on getting the board back online. It should be back soon.

(July 13th, 2002)
Uploaded two songs in MP3 Section. (Emotional Fire, King Of The Night)

(July 10th, 2002)
Re-uploaded few songs in MP3 Section.

(July 8th, 2002)
Well, the domain is up and running. I also find out Web1000 had suspended my account. =( Oh well, I was going to upload everythings to the new domain anyways. Currently, there is no MP3s available for download.
I think you guys had probably heard about this, TokyoPop bought the Initial D license on US. Well it's already a bad thing that they are going to dubbing Initial D. Now they are even going to change the original character's names! Like Takumi becomes Tak; Itsuki becomes Iggy; Ryosuke becomes Ry...etc. This is just plain annoying. So everybody please sign the petition, to tell TokyoPop how we Initial D fans feel about this:

(July 4th, 2002)
Yay! Today must be a good day! I got my domain up! will be the official URL for Initial D World from now on. You will probably notice some changes on the site in the following days, that's because I'll slowly moving everything to the new host. And yes, the forums is back on, sorry for the long downtime. Well, that's it for now, E-mail me if you have any request, questions. I'll keep you posted as the site reform.

(June 22nd, 2002)
Links Section updated! Check out TinyImports everyone. =)

(June 20th, 2002)
Uploaded 6 sound files and 1 song in MP3 Section. Enjoy! Also, please do not request song in my guestbook, request it in message board, thanks!.

(June 18th, 2002)
Added 1 mp3 to SEB Presents: Initial D Battle Stage in MP3 Section.

(June 13th, 2002)
As request, added 1 mp3 to D Selection 2 in MP3 Section.

(June 12th, 2002)
Looks like the new message board is kind of unstable, or should I say the host is unstable? Anyways, Initial D World joined Toonami Coalition.

(June 6th, 2002)
Ok the official message board of this site had changed to here. If you need to reply to anyone in the old board (ezboard), please do so now. Also I had remove the annoying copyright for the 1024x768 wallpapers.

(June 1st, 2002)
One CD added in MP3 Section. (Super Eurobeat Presents: Initial D Battle Stage) Also check out my new affiliates Insanity's Essences & Starry Night.

(May 26th, 2002)
Since ezboard has too many pop-ups, I decided to change to a new message board. Also, I have no idea why Geocities deleted my MP3 Section and Wallpaper Section. Well, I don't feel like staying in Geocities anymore. Ever since the download time, it become slower and doing weird things such as deleting pages randomly.

(May 8th, 2002)
30 new screenshots from Third Stage added to Anime Section. Also I found a new ads sponsor - . Please help me click on those ads. Be sure to click on one of the links after you click on the banner. (Go to FAQ for more info.)
(Notice: This site will go off from 9:00 pm (GMT -7) Friday May 17th to the morning of Sunday May 19th. Estimate Downtime: 35 hours.)

(April 15th, 2002)
Release date for Initial D Battle Stage (DVD & VHS) had been officially confirmed: May 15th, 2002. To pre-order it, please visit Also, there will be a new Initial D soundtrack release on the same date. Click here for more info.

(April 8th, 2002)
41 lyrics added in MP3 Section. Title changed in JP Garage, credit goes to Wendy C. Also, I am trying to get the Battle Stage up, but I am still looking for reliable web space.

(March 8th, 2002)
Initial D Battle Stage will be release on May 15th. Click here to pre-order it. (P.S. - visit my new support and my new affiliate website.)

AE86 vs. EG6 Evo4 vs. FD !!! New battle !!!(February 24th, 2002)
First of all, please welcome our new webmistress Wendy C. =) Thanks for making the entrance pic. All images in JP Garage are now fixed, and 3 more songs uploaded in MP3 Section.

(February 11th, 2002)
For more information on Battle Stage, click here. In case you don't understand Japanese, here is the translation: "There were so many exciting battles between First and Third Stage! In this battle stage, the battles of First Stage will be remake by using new 3D techniques, and Second Stage will be also upgrade to higher quality. Super euro-beat are brand-new for excitement during the battles! The best choices of the battles will be shown for the first time. (probably some extra battles.) Prior to selling the DVDs, special edition will be broadcasts on Skyperfect TV. (rental VCR on March '02, DVD release on May '02). This program is only for Skyperfect TV! The best battles between First and Third Stage are remaked." --- Courtesy of Yahoo Club: Initial D and Satoru75093.

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