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· 1.1.2006 - 12.31.2006
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· 1.1.2001 - 12.31.2001
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Previous Updates

(December 28th, 2000)
Links Section updated! You guys gotta check it out, okay??!! ^_^
By the way, I am going to upload the song play in Third Stage - Take me baby, I think you guys probably like it, so don't go away, hehehehe =P

(December 26th, 2000)
Does anybody have a nice Christmas Day ?? ^_^ I guess yes...hehehehe......Anyways...I finish uploaded that D Best Selection, it's complete now...check it out in MP3 Section. I think that's about it...have a nice day !

(December 24th, 2000)
Merry Christmas!!! Wish all of you have a wonderful Christmas holiday! ^_~ Links section updated! and I also change the design in MP3 section....check it out! and finally I uploaded 5 songs in MP3 section too. They are : Lonely Love, My only star, Heartbeat, Speedy speed boy and Back on the rocks. Hope you all enjoy!

(December 17th, 2000)
Big News Big News !!! Please notice: this site now change its URL to officially......yeah !!! Please change your bookmark, thanks !!! ^_~ (By the way, you can still go into the old one...ok ok, I uploaded 4 songs on MP3 Section, they are : Beat of the rising sun, Take my soul, Burning desire, and Be my babe...enjoy the songs...^_^

(December 16th, 2000)
I added 13 more wallpapers that with a resolution of 800 x 600 in Wallpaper Section , hope you enjoy! ^^

(December 15th, 2000)
I added a new section "Real Audio &. MIDI " in Download, check it out...and I will be add more real audio later. Remember check back later...okay? ^_~

(December 8th, 2000)
I removes all the Geocities links in this site, so no more waiting and slow download, and I also add two songs in MP3 Section, Remember me and Make up your mind.

(December 5th, 2000)
I added a new section in this site, it's "Drift Technique". In this page, you will get to know what's drift and how drift is. And I will soon add some movies about drift racing too, remember check back later, ok? ^_~

(November 30th, 2000)
I added a new message board, it's a Chinese Message Board, feel free to post your comments and opinions in this message board. ^_- Index page had changed if you noticed it...

(November 26th, 2000)
3 more new wallpapers added on Wallpaper section in Download . And 6 New songs uploaded in MP3 Section. Those are all in D Best Selection Running in the 90's, Station to station, Dancing, Stay, Save me, Love is in danger.

(November 24th, 2000)
14 new wallpapers added on Wallpaper section in Download.

(November 18th, 2000)
WOW ! more than 2 weeks didn't update. I break the record...hehehe.....ok..finally I update today. 5 new songs uploaded. They are : Space boy, Get me power, One night in Arabia, Make my day, Dancing queen in MP3 Section, D Best Selection.

Due to the technical problems occur in Geocities this few days, some files in MP3 Section might not be able to download. =( Please check back later ......

(November 4th, 2000)
Seven new song uploaded in MP3 Section, Ever and ever , Don't you (forgot about my love) , Station to station , Goodbye yellow brick road , Speedy speed boy , Big in Japan , Burning Desire (New Generation Mix) . Second Stage D Selection finished ! All the songs available now . and please sign my guessbook ! thanx !

(October 28th, 2000)
Five new song uploaded in MP3 Section, around the world (TV Ver.) , Blazin' Beat (TV Ver.) , Break in 2 the nite (TV Ver.) , Mikado , I love you like you are .

(October 27th, 2000)
Two new song uploaded in MP3 Section, Make my day, Take my soul

(October 23rd, 2000)
One new song uploaded in MP3 Section, 100

(October 19th, 2000)
Finally, Geocities is back, all my files back. ^_^ 4 New songs uploaded! Gimme The Night, Grand Prix, Deja vu, and Battle Start !! in MP3 section. Enjoy your download!
One more thing, I realize many people just come in and download the songs and left, that's so sad for me, I don't need you help me click on banners or things like that, I just need you sign the guessbook, is it that hard to sign a guessbook?? So I hope you guys can sign my guessbook, OK? ^^

(October 14th, 2000)
Announce: All my files are move to, because of the unstablity of So you might notice some of the page are in . Anyways, I uploaded a new mp3, " Initial D Second Stage Ending Song " --- Kimi ga Iru in MP3 Section. All broken links fixed! If you still see a dead link , please email me, thanks! ^_^

(October 12th, 2000)
One new mp3 uploaded, "Initial D Vocal Battle 2" - Night Kids

(October 8th, 2000)
Long time didn't update...-_- New Section added " Main Characters ", still working on it... and new section created in Gallery " VCD Captured Pictures ".

(September 21st, 2000)
1 more Winamp Skins added.

(September 17th, 2000)
3 more Winamp Skins added.

(September 10th, 2000)
Finally, I fixed all the dead links in the MP3 section, so the MP3 is re-open right now, enjoy the download. If you have any problem about the download, just post your question on discussing board, or email me at: One new section added in the download area. It's Initial D Winamp Skins. I upload 4 skins at first, I will add more later! Hope you enjoy!

(September 3rd, 2000)
I added several pictures in Gallery Section.(2 pictures on AE86, 6 pictures on FC &. Others, 1 picture on FD). I also added 5 songs in MP3 section. ( 4 songs on Initial D Vocal Battle album , and the other one is "Gimme The Night" ) Bad news: because the some problems occur in MP3 section, so I have to fix it, it will be close temporary, sorry for the inconvenience! I will fix it as soon as possible!

(August 19th, 2000)
I added the Initial D Trailer Movie on the Movie section. and I also add this site to Comics Section on Taiwan so please click on the icon on the main page to support my site

(August 13th, 2000)
I added the Initial D Second Stage Opening movie in the Movie section. If you have any problems with the download, you can post your problem on the Message Board or Email me at :

(August 9th, 2000)
I added a chat room on the website " Initial D Chat Room" . Please go in and have a look! One more thing, if you have any question about how to sign up for a handle before you go in, post your problem on the message board, so i know what to help you through this. I fixed some dead links of mp3 on sharehouse, if the links still not working, notice me on the message board.

       (August 1st, 2000 12:00 AM)
This site is officially open !!! ^_^

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