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Previous Updates

(December 16th, 2003)
OB Planning had just announced that the air date for Initial D: Fourth Stage is April 2004. There will be a special 85 minutes show recapping 1st Stage - 3rd Stage, available for viewing on SkyPerfect TV Channel 183 on a pay-per-view basis (600 Yen) from Dec. 27th, 2003 to Jan. 31st, 2004. Visit OB Planning for more details.

(November 26th, 2003)
Server for MP3s went down for a couple days. It's fixed now. Initial D Arcade Stage Ver.3 is out for some time now, go to official site for more info. My sponsor is having a promotion - FREE shipping if you purchase anything over $50.00, That means free shipping for the Complete Set Bundle. ($99.95)

(October 17th, 2003)
You can now pre-order the Initial D Super Complete Box at Added Initial D icons for download in Download Section.

(October 1st, 2003)
Initial D Fourth Stage had been confirmed in the making. Please visit OB Planning official website for more information. There is no solid release date for it yet, but it is expected to come out some time during Feburary 2004, according to A special Initial D Super Complete Box will be released by avex on 25 December 2003. For more information, visit the official homepage. Links Section updated, added Akagi's White Comet and Euphoric Blitz.

(August 16th, 2003)
Added a new affiliate, check out INANE everyone.

(August 8th, 2003)
User Gallery Section updated. 1 New wallpaper added.

(August 1st, 2003)
User Gallery Section updated. 1 New wallpaper added.
Happy 3rd anniversary Initial D World.

(June 21st, 2003)
Added several songs to MP3 Section. Thanks to Anime @ Zeotronics Hub for providing web space and bandwidth.
- move - around the world (full ver.)
- Edo Boys - No one sleep in tokyo
- Jilly - Be my babe
- Dave Rodgers - Space boy
... and many more.

(June 18th, 2003)
User Gallery Section updated. 1 New wallpaper added.

(May 27th, 2003)
Submission form in User Gallery Section is back. Also I've removed the rating system due to some people vote more than once. Although the rating system is gone, but I've put up a Add Your Comment system. Forums rules apply.

(April 23th, 2003)
User Gallery Section updated. 1 New wallpaper added.

(April 18th, 2003)
User Gallery Section is back, the rating system is down, and if you want to submit your graphics, please send it to . Main host is still down. MP3s will be back for download within a week. Come back later.

(March 26th, 2003)
Added 15 lyrics in MP3 Section. (Initial D Battle Stage)

(March 10th, 2003)
Updated Initial D Music CD Covers. Added Super Euro Best CD cover.

(March 4th, 2003)
2 more wallpapers added in User Gallery Section. Check out my new sponsor.

(April 23th, 2003)
3 New wallpapers added in User Gallery Section.

Akina - Japan(February 19th, 2003)
A map of the actual Akina in Japan. Thanks to Helena &. Don. JP Garage updated. The banner ad at the top changed.

(January 30th, 2003)
Articles / Reviews fixed. You can reply now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

(January 20th, 2003)
Forums and chatroom is back. Hosted on, check it out.
Also, 2 New wallpapers added in User Gallery Section.

(January 10th, 2003)
MP3 Section updated. (Overload - Black Out)
User Gallery Section updated. 1 New wallpaper added.

(January 2nd, 2003)
MP3 Section updated. (Dave Rodgers &. Mega NRG Man - Night Fever)

(January 1st, 2003)
Happy New Year !!! Yay, 2003 is here! Anyways, 1 new wallpaper added in User Gallery Section, Also Links Section updated, everyone please check out Chicago Anime. MP3 Section updated as well, uploaded 1 new song. (Dr. Love - Don't Stand So Close) That's it for now, I wish everyone have wonderful New Year.

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