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Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity JAEPO2014

If you have been following the arcade scene, you probably know that the INITIAL D ARCADE STAGE is planning to release the final installment for the series. Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity Location Test is currently in full...

Eurobeat MV Series: Initial D Fourth Stage (Pt.1)

One of our forum user, BurningRacer, has created this 6˝-minute fan-made music video for Initial D Fourth Stage. This is only Part 1 because...

Takahashi Ryosuke Cosplay

Rejoice, Ryosuke fans! An avid cosplayer goes by the name of 結音 (Yuine) from Tokyo, Japan did a pretty remarkable cosplay for Ryosuke Takahashi (Second Stage) You might recognize her from her Kaori cosplay (...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Truth be told, real racers don't have to be lonely. You can have a professional racing career and be in a relationship in the same time. The point is to find the balance point....

Latest Initial D News - New Trilogy Movie

It appears many fans are still not up-to-date with the latest Initial D news. We'll attempt to clear all the confusion with this post. If you've been following this page and our forums ( closely, you can...

Shinigami, a Bunta lookalike?

Not sure if Shinigami is a Bunta lookalike or Shinigami is Bunta with long hair. Hmmm...

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Itsuki vs Iketani

Support casts are just as important as the main protagonists in a series like Initial D. That's one of the main reasons why one can never get tired of First Stage and quickly find Fifth Stage dull and...

Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 - Initial D AE86

東京オートサロン2014 (Tokyo Auto Salon 2014) has successfully concluded the 3-day event yesterday. Held annually, the Tokyo Auto Salon are sponsored by many big organizations such...

AE86 Photography at Mt. Haruna

AE86カツオ, an Initial D fan from the Kyoto Prefecture, shows us how AE86 photography is done. You've probably seen thousands upon thousands photographs of the AE86, but has any of them stand out to...

Happy New Year 2014!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Good-bye 2013 and a big welcome to 2014!! Good and bad, many things have happened in 2013. We hope 2014 will be a better year for everybody. Let's keep the spirit high! We would like...
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