Privacy Policy respects its users as well as visitors of the site. Our goal is to maintain the policy of respecting the privacy of our visitors and users. will not gather or release any information for malicious purposes, nor commercial or personal use. No data submitted by users of the website or any related service of will be distributed or sold to any external party. We enforce personal privacy, even in the most trying situations and we by no means or reasons wish to compromise your privacy or our ethics regarding this statement to any one for any price or any trade. may however resort to using a variety of venues to obtain certain types of information such as cookies or IP addresses, and any other methods that we see fit, such as having to register for a free or fee-based service. Other information may be gathered such as environment variables, time zone, web browser used, the type of operation system used, the page that you visited us from (if any) and the speed of CPU's in use from time to time for the purpose of providing you with the most personalized, private, and informative visit. We use these methods in some of the following ways:

      Cookie.. "Data that a website can send to your browser, which may then store it on your hard drive." It can be used to provide you with personalized information to make your experience with more personal. Some of's pages may use cookies. We do not match cookies to personal information. We will not sell or exchange cookie information to any other organization or individual.

      IP addresses.. "These are 'addresses' that are logged by the web server. Your IP identifies your computer uniquely from others around the world so that you may receive the information you request." You will not be identified by this information unless you commit a nefarious act against or any related company; in that case, we would turn our logs over to the FBI, or the proper related authorities.

      Lastly, websites contain links to other web sites that's not under's control. We are not responsible for their actions or the content of these sites, nor their privacy / disclaimer statements if any.

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